BMW 435i Convertible

Type New Car
Model Hatchback
Engine Fuel
Performance 92 KW

BMW 435i Convertible

Few cars can successfully straddle the line between luxury touring vehicle and sporty convertible as well as the BMW 435i Convertible does. This four passenger cruising vehicle features the classic trim, body work, and comfort features of a traditional BMW melded with sharp modern color palettes, trendy racing lines, and a carefree attitude. The result is a convertible that appeals to more traditional tastes or a touring vehicle that excites modern sensibilities, depending on the viewpoint of the driver. Surprisingly, in addition to widespread generational appeal, the BMW 435i Convertible also offers a fair bit of utility, in the forms of good storage capacity and a plethora of safety features. It truly is a car for almost any taste or circumstance.


  • 3.0 Liter Turbo Twinpower 6 Cylinder Engine
  • Automatic Retractable Hardtop Convertible
  • Built-in Navigation with Real Time Traffic Information
  • Side and Top View Exterior Cameras

Enjoy Miami Beach in a Convertible

When you pick up your BMW 435i Convertible from Luxury Car Rental Miami near the Miami International Airport, you have opened the door to a wide range of exciting Miami Beach activities. Follow tradition and cruise with the top down on Ocean Drive or go wild and drive to Miami Beachsports to rent a jet ski. Or if you prefer something a little more sedate, drive down to Biscayne National Park and simply enjoy top down driving surrounded by the nearly untouched beauty of the tropical environment.