Type New Car
Model Hatchback
Engine Fuel
Performance 92 KW

Ferrari F430 Spider

There is something about the Ferrari F430 Spider that makes it look a bit like a bullet that has been shot out of a high powered rifle when it is driving down the road at speeds close to 200 miles per hour. The smooth, aerodynamic body design of the Ferrari F430 Spider is breathtaking to behold while in full motion. But, while watching it practically fly by you is fun, sitting in the driver seat is even more exhilarating. Race car inspired accessories and features combine flawlessly with modern features that you expect to find in contemporary luxury cars. The Ferrari F430 Spider simply offers a smooth, tricked out ride that any connoisseur of fast driving will appreciate.


  • Four-Cam V8 Engine
  • 193 MPH Top Speed
  • Automatic Retractable Soft Top
  • F1 Race Car Inspired Seating

Race Home From Your Wedding in a Ferrari

There isn’t much opportunity to test the 193 mph top speed of your Ferrari F430 rental in Miami, but there are other great ways to show off this car. One great use of it to convey the bride and groom from a wedding ceremony on the beach at the Palms Hotel to a reception at the Oasis Banquet Hall. The Ferrari 430 Spider makes an ideal wedding luxury car rental allowing bride and groom to take off in grand style. Luxury Car Rentals Miami will make sure that the Ferrari F430 Spider rental is available for the special occasion exactly when and where it is needed.